Want to make a good impression on Valentine's day 2022? Buy the Love Socks!

Have you ever forgotten Valentine's Day?  We mean completely, the entire thing... the cards, the flowers but most of all the gift: in a nutshell, a total débâcle, the nail in the coffin of a romantic relationship. It must have happened to everyone at least once. Or maybe some managed to save themselves at the very last second.
Some say the famous Bill of the Kill Bill saga was only guilty of having missed a Valentine's Day and that Black Mamba made up the whole revenge story. Overall, let’s say the punishment would fit the crime. This scenario would not only shed a new light on the movie, but also give us reason to fear the potential reactions of our partners… better not to risk it.
Valentine's Day Socks Collection | dstinctive personalized socks
Choosing a Valentine's Day gift that makes the right impression is challenging, especially during a lockdown. In fact, our personal opinion is that love in the time of Covid is the new Love in the Time of Cholera, in terms of logistical issues (Move over, Gabriel Garcia Marquez). There are many barriers. First of all, the total or partial stay-at-home orders depending on the risk profile of the area.  Secondly, the budget constraint that many of us are facing during these hard times.
Faced with these challenges, is it better to just give up? Or instead start searching for an idea that makes your partner happy? Luckily, dstinctive has you covered. We have no doubt that the latter is the best choice ever (we must learn from Kill Bill, otherwise you will be the next).
                                        crew socks with many hearts | dstinctive personalized socks                    Love Socks for her | dstinctive personalized socks

With passion and enthusiasm, we have created a collection of tailored socks with hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day: you can choose between heart knee socks, heart crew socks and heart ankle socks in different colors, or socks with a unique message, or you can even add the name of your beloved. An unforgettable, remarkable gift created by you which will show your dedication to your partner. Not just some impersonal gesture “off the shelf”, but a bespoke present designed for this specific occasion. It will warm the heart – and the feet – of all those who receive it.

After all, if walking barefoot allows you to feel the heartbeat of the Earth, keeping your feet warm lets you hear the beat of your own heart. (We fully authorize you to steal this sentence from us for the greetings card, we promise that it will be a secret between you and us, we are loyal friends.)

Imagine that after a series of video conferences you decide to call it a day and join your partner, who is waiting for you in the next room, with a glass of vintage Barolo in one hand and a gift in the other one. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that this year, you will be the one and only winner, that you will amaze your beloved leaving him or her speechless (which in some cases happens to be a great gift itself!).

socks with hearts and sneakers | dstinctive personalized socks

This happiness awaits you and your partner if you choose dstinctive. Now more than ever, it is so important that we take care of each other. Even a small gesture can make all the difference.

The American writer Anaïs Nin once wrote this beautiful phrase which we fully embrace: “Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, we feel privileged to be part of yours. Follow us oInstagramFacebook and Pinterest!

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