La Befana is real and she drives an Aston Martin

Believing in La Befana goes against the grain – in fact, the popular folklore that makes up her story is not very believable at all.

According to the Italian legend, on the night between the 5th and 6th of January, the Magi knocked at the door of an old lady, asking her to accompany them on their pilgrimage to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. At first, she declined, but after the Magi had gone on their way, she changed her mind. The story says that she started wandering alone from house to house, distraught and heartbroken, looking for the Magi. She left a gift for every child she encountered, hoping that one was Jesus.

Since then, every year on the same night, La Befana supposedly flies from house to house on a broom, leaving candies and chocolates for good sleeping children -and coal for the bad ones- in the stockings hung by the chimney. They say that La Befana is a grumpy hunchbacked old lady dressed in rags, with a long and crooked nose, a square jaw full of pimples.

That is why we have decided to reinvent the story of La Befana, to finally bring to light the true story of what (could have) really happened.  

La Befana is an older woman, but extremely sweet and defies her years.  Since 40 is the new 20, she barely looks 60.  She does, however, have some hearing issues, which is why she fails to hear the non-stop knocking of the Three Kings. By chance, her Grandson sees the Magi knocking. He initially wonders whether those strange men looked in the mirror before they left the house, and then how on earth Grandma cannot hear them, since they are about to beat down the door. He decides to give Grandma a ring on her cell. La Befana hurries to the door to avoid seeming rude, but the Magi have gone. Determined to follow them but aware of the cold, she stops quickly in her neighborhood pub and orders a “Martini, shaken, not stirred”, to fortify herself for the journey.  Next, she jumps in her Aston Martin and starts off on her mission. (As you may have gathered the old lady is a James Bond groupie and has been since the days of “License to Kill”).

The only believable part of the original story is that played by the stockings, which we accept unconditionally. After all, socks are our faithful partners in life and reliable guardians of much-desired gifts.

Socks are a safe haven for our feet – keeping us warm is just their function, but not their life’s purpose. Socks are unique, distinctive and fashion choices, no longer just an accessory, but a main character of the look itself.  Socks proclaim their message, exclusive and individual, that reflects the personality of those who wear them. They express elegance, dynamism, originality: a somber mood, a colorful life, a singular choice, class, style and diversity. Whether extravagant socks or conventional socks, they are representation of how we see ourselves. They cannot betray, nor be mistaken for those that, unlike dstinctive, simply fail to impress.

We are, in fact, like a well-curated sock drawer: security and imagination, we are your way of being. Because it's not just a matter of knowing who you are, but also displaying it without fear. 

We’d like to think that La Befana continues to carry on her timeless tradition, tirelessly delivering sweets and chocolates in our stockings, waiting for the moment when we’ve all fallen asleep. But you better watch out: La Befana is a fashionista and what if she doesn’t like your socks? Coal my friend, just coal. The gift is a sure thing, don’t take the risk.

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