dstinctive striped socks - it’s time to show your true stripes!

Did you remember what it was like living the 70s and 80s, and striped socks? A period when big technological and cultural changes occurred, new music genres came up and singers like Madonna and Michael Jackson became real pop stars. Unforgettable decades, and for those you weren’t born yet, we’re sure all of you have probably heard stories about that. Inspired by these narratives, we designed beautiful and nostalgic personalized retro socks with stripes, for old time’s sake. Let’s discover our models of dstinctive’s striped socks!

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All you need is old school striped socks

The fashion for socks with stripes has actually always existed. For example, sports teams in the first half of the 20th century wore white socks with stripes of the colors of their own team. Later on, it was the 70s striped socks that experienced a boom with skater culture.                                

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The fashion trend continued for long, and here you are the 80's socks with stripes, that became a symbol of free expression through fashion. That’s why we of dstinctive could not exclude them from our collections of personalized socks! So many different models and colors, let everyone see who you are! You can opt for long striped socks in winter seasons but also with shorts to have a look that really stands out. We also offer crew striped socks and ankle striped socks to be always comfortable and with your feet protected.

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Still today vintage tube socks with stripes remain fashionable accessories for men and women who want to break free from all the boundaries of ordinariness. For you we offer special striped socks with your name or initials that you can add as you please. And if it’s a unique gift for a special person, visit our collections, we also have striped socks for Mother's Day and Father’s Day!

All you need is freedom of expression. All you need is striped socks old school. Tell us about your good old times of the 70s and 80s, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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